Consultation and Planning
Our projects are subject to accurate review so that all specifications, finishes, and treatments are fulfilled. We provide the client with written reports and work planning, issuing RFPs to approved vendors.

Procurement Consulting
We bring leadership and experience in procurement. We optimize client budgets with the experience of decades of working in hospitality, technical industry culture and partnerships with the best suppliers.

Procurement Management
Negotiating contracts and acquiring goods, services or works is an important and delicate process. In PAD, this is managed with knowledge of our professionals, construction methods, awareness of regulations in different countries of the world.

Design development and Collaboration
We value the available budget by generating FF&E and Fit Out cost estimates based on our data base, developed with the collaboration of high-end design professionals, manufacturers and installers.

Functionality, quality of materials, robustness, are as important as aesthetics is in our projects. All project information is consequently shared between the client and our designer, to assess financial, technical, supply logistics and installation parameters.

Production Management
In our organization, production management involves application of planning, organizing, directing, and controlling the production process. We literally take over for the customer at every stage of the process to ensure the project is a success. Our employees are responsible for organization, flow planning and quality control on materials.

Procurement service and Sourcing FF&E/OS&E
After receiving approval from the customer on the cost estimate and supplier list, we issue purchase orders. We examine the validity of the supplies as well as the correctness that what is delivered is in line with the finishes specified.

Construction Administration
We track every order by compiling an up-to-date project status report. This allows us to manage the construction in all its facets. At the end of the process, we draw up a technical evaluation to validate the project before delivery to the customer.